Il Limoncello “Árvero” is prepared traditionally using the natural zest of selected lemons that have outstanding and unique organoleptic properties. “Árvero” is produced and bottled in the surroundings of the heavenly and astonishing Massa Lubrense (NA).

In a world, and an industry, where taking a shortcut is often synonymous of an achievement, Árvero prides itself on being crafted without cutting any corners.

The lemons get picked at sunrise and immediately right after get washed and processed for the infusion.

Only the “right” kind of lemons get into the mix. Árvero is made with no chemicals, no added aromas, no added oils and, most importantly, no preservatives (which is what causes the slight discoloration at the bottle’s neck).

Árvero’s philosophy and strategy is to promote a real, local and original, experience. Raw materials make the fundamental difference. ( other “arvero” can make an Árvero..) The quality of our natural product is determined by the lemons; therefore we make Árvero ONLY with the Peninsula lemons which have a uniquely balanced flavor. To retain the great aromas and color of the lemons, they are all hand-picked and processed locally, early in the morning to preserve the right humidity, without being frozen or stored. The result is a Limoncello with rich aromas, a naturally vivid yellow color and a vibrant flavor.

The Process

The Product Details
Il Limoncello Árvero is made accordingly with the tradition, by following the original recipe and by selecting lemons with outstanding and unique organoleptic properties. Árvero is made from a hydro-alcoholic infusion of fresh lemon zest and sugar. All of the ingredients that go into Árvero are natural with no added chemicals. Traditional production, the quality of raw materials, the methodical production processes and the quest for “an organic ideology” are fundamental requirements.

The Factory

The Product Details

Árvero is produced and bottled in the surroundings of the picturesque Massa Lubrense (NA) by Distillerie Nastro D’Oro. Established in 1996, the Nastro D’Oro distillery is located within Massa Lubrense in a beautiful small village of Termini(‘Outpost’) which is on the edge of the Sorrento Peninsula, and is the departure point for the stunning paths leading towards San Costanzo Peak and Punta della Campanella lighthouse. The Nastro D’oro distillery produces typical liqueurs from the Sorrento Peninsula. The quality of the handcrafted products is sustained through the careful selection of natural ingredients and the authenticity of traditional recipes. For more info, please follow the link to

Serving Suggestions:

Ideally, Limoncello must be kept in a freezer and served at the end of a meal, however this versatile liqueur can be served simply chilled over ice, or used as a cocktail ingredient and ingredient in desserts

Alcohol Content: 32%