In the ancient Neapolitan Language, Árvero means tree.

Árvero Limoncello is a tribute to the uniqueness of these magnificent lemon trees that gives this liqueur its distinct character. The so-called “Ovale Sorrentino” is the giant lemon of the Sorrento Peninsula. The thick, juicy skin of this fruit is the source of the aromatic oils that gives the alcoholic infusion its unique color and inimitable aroma. As a demonstration of its authenticity, the bottled Limoncello often shows the presence of the oils in the neck of the bottle.

Árvero distinguishes itself from other competitors by using traditional recipes and pursuing a tireless sourcing regime that ensures only the finest ingredients go into the liqueur.

A true Árvero has its roots in the peninsula bordering the south of the Gulf of Naples. There, thanks to the wit and wisdom of the locals, the original homemade Limoncello was invented, and from that moment on it has been enjoyed for centuries. Árvero has the great ambition to export true Limoncello worldwide and present it in a contemporary fashion both as a stand alone liqueur and as an ingredient for cocktails, while keeping its authentic and loyal to its original flavor.

Every drop of Árvero has part of Massa Lubrense in it. Making sure that this authenticity always remains intact, is our paramount mission!